Marlu Carolina Abarca


Date of Interview: April 14th, 2019

Interview Location: JRC

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Place of Birth: California

Birth Year: 1992

Occupation: Bilingual Services Library Assistant at Des Moines Public Library

Interviewer: Amari

Summary: In this interview, Marlu talks about growing up in California, the cultural differences between her American and Mexican identities, discovering her multiethnic identity and learning to embrace it despite pushback from her peers, coming out to her parents as bisexual, and how she ended up working as a librarian (and how much she loves it).

Kyle Lindsey


Date of Interview: February 22, 2019

Interview Location: HSSC, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA

Pronouns: he/him

Place of Birth: Maryland

Birth Year: 1997

Occupation: Student

Interviewer: Amari Brooks

Summary: Kyle talks about his favorite memories from growing up in Maryland, attending private school, finding a queer community that addresses his LGBT and racial identity, and his experiences in Grinnell the past 4 years.