Heather Dunn


Date of Interview: August 3, 2020

Interview Location: Iowa City, IA and Shoreham, NY (recorded remotely)

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Place of Birth: Urbana, IL

Birth Year: 1982

Occupation: Mail Sorter

Interviewer: Elliot Wesselborg

Summary: Heather discusses her early experiences with leftist activism, her involvement and eventual disillusionment with conservative politics, being trans within lesbian communities, and finding an affirming faith community in an evangelical church. She also offers her thoughts on intergenerational dialogue among queer people and kink as a means of coping with dysphoria.

Gina Weekley

Date of Interview: April 21, 2020

Interview Location: Waterloo, IA

Place of Birth: Waterloo, IA

Birth Year: 1983

Pronouns: She/her

Occupation: At-Risk Coordinator

Interviewer: Rylee Dolezal

Summary: Gina discusses growing up in Waterloo, coming out to her family, her relationship with Christianity, and the work she’s done for the community.

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Grinnell United Church of Christ: Memory Circle

Date of Interview: April 14, 2019

Interview Location: Grinnell United Church of Christ, Grinnell, IA

Interviewers: Lucid Thomas and Lydia James

Summary: In this group interview, LGBT and allied parishioners of the Grinnell United Church of Christ reflect on how perspectives on race and sexuality have changed locally in the church over the years, what it means to be an Open and Affirming congregation, experiences being allies to LGBT people generally in Iowa, and more.