Mya Byrne

Date of Interview: April 17, 2019

Interview Location: The Mills Restaurant in Iowa City

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Occupation: Musician, currently touring with Paisley Fields and Lavender Country

Interviewer: Hannah Dorf and Zamashenge Buthelezi

Summary: Mya is interviewed prior to her performance with Paisley Fields and Lavender Country. She is a musician currently touring with the two bands, and she has produced her own music. She discusses being trans, butch, polyamorous, and being part of the leather community.

Memory Circle: Lavender Country with Paisley Fields

Narrators: James Wilson, Joe Hart, Julius Broughton, Mya Byrne, Nikki Grossman, Patrick Haggerty, Tami Johnson

Date of Interview: April 18, 2019

Interview Location: Grinnell, IA

Interviewers: Hannah Miller and Lucid Thomas

Summary: In this group interview, members of the bands Paisley Fields and Lavender Country reflect on the politics, histories and experiences of being queer in the country and in country music.