Tyler Franklin

Date of Interview: April 24, 2020

Interview Location: Zoom

Pronouns: he/they

Place of Birth: Switzerland

Birth Year: 1974

Occupation: Therapist

Interviewer: Payson Dai

Summary: Tyler talks about their identities, growing up with Transcendental Meditation, joining lesbian separatism, their involvement in the prison abolition and political activism scene, and parenting as trans.

Sophie BadSoldier Snow

Date of Interview: May 5, 2020

Interview Location: Zoom

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Place of Birth: Iowa

Birth Year: 2005

Occupation: student

Interviewer: Payson Dai

Summary: Sophie and her mom, Stephanie, talk about their personal experiences, institutional experiences, and insights as Meskwaki, as well as Sophie’s high school life, memories from growing up in the Meskwaki settlement, and her identities.

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